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Monitor Heaters Parts Available

Posted on March 10, 2020 at 5:30 PM

Hi everyone.  I get calls almost every day from customers that have been told that Monitor Heater Parts are no longer available.  This is NOT TRUE.  We have an extensive inventory of Monitor Heater Parts.  We have both new and used Monitor Heater Parts.  Let us know if you don't find the part you need in our Web Store and we will list it for you.  

Also, if you have the same experience as our techs, it seems that Monitor Heater screws and cable ties mysteriously disappear, kind of like the socks in the dryer.  I listed a set that includes an assortment of both screws and cable ties for your Monitor Heater.  You can check it out in our Web Store, just type in cable in the search bar to pull up the set or you can click on this link:  Monitor Heater Screw & Cable Tie Set

Thanks for reading my blog and stay warm!!! 

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